How lore works

Lore is a wallet and experience for collectives. Manage the entire lifecycle of a collective through formation, coordination, and distribution.

Form funds onchain

Form members & capital onchain through customizable Membership NFTs members can buy or earn. Proceeds bootstrap a shared wallet that supercharge your mission. Distribute voting rights automagically to get going.

Showing how to group buy items on Lore
Image showing multiplayer experience on Lore

make coordination fun

Launch contests to generate ideas from your collective. Launch polls to make decisions. Coordinate transactions. Don't get drowned out in the group chat, maintain a record of decisions. Oh and we make it fun too.

win together

Make money by buying assets or creating crypto media. Track who is contributing, reward them through claimdrops, distributions and payments

Image showing how to manage memberships on Lore

5,000 ETH Coordinated
3,000 On-chain Transactions
1,250 Collectives

Go Further Together

Crowd Fund

Abortion Access for All profile picture

Abortion Access for All

I loved using the Funding feature. The ability to transparently donate into a multiplayer wallet where folks could see exactly where the money was being used and donated was super useful. Huggers were able to mobilize in a matter of hours to come up with enough ETH to mint a few Computer Cowgirls NFTs to share and show off in support of the cause while making sure all the ETH went directly to charity!